Art of Just Shipping

For it is the work we do that defines us. Then what we ship out into the world as internet entrepreneurs is vitally important. Doesn't mean that we let perfectionism slows us down though. While there's a balance to strike between shipping something high quality and shipping swiftly. That is the art form that internet entrepreneurs practice.

For me this is a strong point to focus on in building my MVP. After all the scope is so tiny. So tiny compared to how I imagine a MicroSaaS to be even. Literally just one or two function within the app. One table database. So basic. And yet this takes some time, some of that to actual building, actual learning how to build. But also wasting time trying to polish something that doesn't need polishing yet.

If I don't ship this out then its not getting into users hands. That's why it must be out. If it's not out then there's no real feedback. There's also no utility. I want to bring value to the world then it must be out there. Not a little private project. Then I must be open to feedback and criticism. Some people out there are waiting for me to deliver.

Making tiny amount of progress each day is building a momentum I know that can guide me to the completion of an MVP. While a project can keep going on for a long long time I already have set what's needed for MVP. Really tiny. Learn tiny. Live tiny.