Breaking Smart - Season Me

Breaking Smart - Season Me

Here is my post-book reflections Breaking Smart: Season One - How Software is Eating the World by Venkatesh Rao. I bought this book in a book-buying binge I’m sure many of us have experienced. I finally got around to reading it the past week and I regret having waited so long. That said, now with more experiences of the new Promethean economy I can appreciate the points of this book better.

What's your favourite quote?

I made 88 Kindle highlights. Here’s one of them:

“People change, then forget that they changed, and act as though they always behaved a certain way and could never change again.”

What have you changed your mind on?

I've identified and identified with the gap between traditional economy and values and the upcoming modern economy and values that’s shaping my lifetime.

A specific viewpoint that got developed from the essays of this book was on the macro view of this modern connected world. And see that since the new world order is positive-sum, I should reflect on areas that I act more zero-sum. Such as doing business and coming up with projects.

What did you like least about this book?

This book seems to be Sapiens-like in giving the big picture. I think we can benefit from some more examples of how this revolution is taking place. Not giving out definite answers though is what make this book timeless.

Did you agree with the author's conclusions? Where did you deviate?

I agree with the general outlook of the book. I’m deviate from the picture where all authoritarian methods are ineffective. I think a hybrid of open-source ass-kicking team is the effective formation for starting projects.

What else?

Thanks to Trends Book Club for this format to do cool post-book reflections like this. I see myself writing these reflections after non-fiction books to clarify the content digested.