Defi MicroSaaS

One thing with crypto is that there’s a lot of opportunities to put money earned elsewhere into it. I’ve always been quite stumped as to how people would earn crypto more naturally. The answer seems to lie into the main premise of providing value.

Seeing this way, I now see that’s how it happened for many project owners. Including more strikingly the popular Defi protocols. After all, that’s what’s interesting with crypto. The more awesome use cases aren’t even invented yet. How to get going with this? First find a very niche to work on in. Understanding the audience and provide solutions.

There’s enough know-how in the indie hacking scene that’s portable into crypto world. That’s how the upside will be much more open than more traditional indie hacking. There’s possible huge asset appreciation going on. But first what problems are interesting to work on? I’ll need to be in touch with the people in crypto first.

Even people in crypto are quite different from who I’m meeting in 2017 and before. It’s a much different world now. Sure there’s a boom now. But that just signals again and again that it’s about keeping on building and providing value. Without delivering there’s no business.