Digital Twins

Today I'll have a meeting with someone who's invested and working with a digital twin company. How curious that this has become a new business. I wonder actually if the owners of such places that has digital twins are benefitting from it. After all, what sort of advantages are there for a physical place without being physical.

I mean there's a huge gap between pan around a virtual tour of Machu Picchu and being on Machu Picchu smelling and touching the real deal with llamas surrounding you. That's one take of it. Will this be good with e-commerce? Interactions sure are interesting but are they better enough for consumers to change their habits?

This sounds like the sort of thing that adds value to big real estate sales, being able to pan around the property first provides huge value to the buyers. Could be many more use cases just putting ideas out there. Are the virtual museums that have opened up since 2020 Pandemic popular at all? Then what do the popular ones do.

This is an opportunity to go in and learn. I kind of like these cases very much where I don't have much experience beforehand, so I cannot actually project too much. Similar to the recent sports wellness opportunity.