Doesn’t Have To

Past performance isn’t an indicator of success. Extra not so in this new era of the New Normal. Oh but what if the past performance have been terrible as well, then we’re looking at a most curious case if we want to stick with the same tactic.

But people rarely like change and having fresh eyes looking at something can do wonders to look through the mental constructions we have made. This most powerful when we’re stuck that “something has to be a certain way”. “That person is like that”. “This is a resort building”. “I work in sales & marketing”.

When all the possibilities in the universe is at ready then to stick to one thing and insist on one thing is quite a remarkable case betrayal to open possibilities. So what if a resort building doesn’t have to be a resort building? What if that person you say is disagreeable can change? What if you can change? It doesn’t have to be as before. Nope. No way.

Maybe due to the situation at one time ten years ago, a decision has been made. We can easily forget that the situation today is vastly different than then. So what do we think will be the situation of the future? Oh what we think don’t have any meaning. But how we conduct taking in mind that the future can be very different might lead us to take more calculated choices. At least choices that gives us more choices later on. Maybe those would be better. Being light invites more possibilities than being heavy. Add lightness?