Expanding Vision

Recently I’ve got a chance to try out a training program similar to certain sports where I have to pass a ball to my teammate. I can’t focus at one of the subjects. And the ball needs to fly through. That unfocused vision is still highly functional and still important. Heck, very important. Some say this increases their field of view pretty much permanently.

So what does that mean? Working on expanding the field of view allows us to work with more than the tiny focus that humans do naturally. This is also done in certain styles of meditation. That’s also a skill that can be learned and yield improvements in other areas.

What does this mean for businesses and entrepreneurs? Well, getting fresh perspectives can be invaluable at times. Don’t we need some of those, maybe by travelling to exotics places. Harder is to engage and accept with people we disagree with who are already in our circles. There can be a future of more collaboration but we’ll have to work at it.

Maybe ideas that are in peripheral vision are the ones that are Game Changers. How can this be combined with intense focus that we can do? Just keep trying this in our lives and see how it goes.