Fog of Work

For those of us in the entrepreneurial aspirations, jumping into the unknown is common occurrence. When 50% certainty is luxury, then we're used to getting into situations where do don't even know the accurate odds and infinite other factors that can wreck your project.

Even for something simple like building something in code and no-code, unless we've done and are proficient at the workflow and function we needed then. To learn those from scratch means running into some trials and errors. Sorry, a lot of trials and errors. Right now I'm tackling several projects from small to very large where while there's vision of what good outcomes look kinda like, getting there is murky and unknowable.

Surely there's some framework out there that tackles something like this right? When professional software developer will be developing some function that they aren't certain how, then there might have been a scope or something that they use to work through what they need to learn and what they need to try. Something like that might speed up a lot of my development side and also be applicable to the big projects too.

Wouldn't that be really interesting? After all, I know for a fact that I spend hours upon hours in trial and error while working in an area of development that I'm not familiar with. There's some people I've read yesterday that they aim for only novelty mistakes. Which means, ideally, that you only make a certain mistake once, not repeating them over and over. This I see is something that might help to keep in mind and practice.