From Ashes

For the last few days, I was on another one of many Phuket trips I’ve done in the past year. As a major tourist destination, the situation is dire. Actually beyond dire. The worst crisis the island has faced in at least 50 years.

Change had come to Phuket, and it doesn’t look pretty. Patong Beach dead. Well, all the beaches dead. Total amount of possible visitors just a tiny fraction of the millions that came from before.

Resort ghost towns. Sure these hard assets has some value. But who wants to be responsible for the job of filling the 400+ rooms resorts? Fill with who? The rates look like below bottom for many already.

But then, it’s this exact place that opportunities look like. I went to people spots and I see a vibrant cosmopolitan scene I haven’t seen in so long. Something’s brewing here and I want to be a part of that.

That cannot be mass tourism. We’ll need something more sustainable than that. Less incoming people. More quality. Opportunities breed opportunities. If I’m going to have to guess, then I’m leaning towards more residential scene coming.

People who are residents. One of us type. Each brings in unique assets, their heart. Where that leads still mysterious.