How to Swim Anywhere

Yesterday I had a coaching session with Olympic Coach in Swimming. He’s amazing. His athletes are amazing. Just this morning that I realise these lessons can be applied to more parts of our lives that just water. From pool to Pyton.

  • Minimise Resistance - the elite level swimmers in the world aim to go the furthest with just a few strokes. After all, the fastest swimmings are just going at 2 metres per second while at dive they’re doing 5 m/s. Not losing that momentum and velocity is faster than trying to push forward with propulsion. You won’t outswim the ocean of markets, go through it. Build positive habits.
  • Streamline Position - to go like an underwater torpedo, one must be shaped like an underwater torpedo. Rounded and straight, streamlined. This go hand in hand with minimise resistance. Is your life looking streamlined? Is your project rounded, straight, narrow. Lean and cut through water without much effort?
  • Do Less - another counterintuitive instruction until we actually look at the situation. My best glide was around 10 metres, while an Olympian is doing the same one set of movement was reaching 25 metres. It was super smooth, and she wasn’t doing more than the required movements at all. Doing too much, we create turbulence in the water and not even turning our energy into propulsion, just splashes that fizzle out.