Income Fast & Slow

The concept of quick money and long money is one that I'm now seeing to be more apparent in my life. There's building longer term sustainable income, through products and more. There's also the immediate and not unimportant income from doing full-time job (currently part-times?) and at the same time freelancing work.

I don't discourage savings, but that doesn't seem to be as impactful compared to generating more income. Of course my spending habits weren't also conductive to good wealth management. I only do any passing job for wealth of experience and skills. This I feel is helping me out hugely now.

So what's a good limit to cap the immediate income? I'm aiming to live simply enough that I can devote a lot more time to generating income. After all, the Phuket projects aren't about immediate gains but looks very interesting medium term plus. The immediate gratification from Phuket is the amazing lifestyle there.

Is lifestyle wealth? I believe so. After all, how we can live our lives including our health and wellbeing is our most important assets. Income and cash is just enablers and mediums of exchange. Best not to confuse fast and slow income. One doesn't do the job of the other well.