Other Writings

So a bit more than one month into this. I'm wondering if spitting out 200-ish typed words into a blog that's basically semi-private is doing much good. After all this has an overlap and seems to be less effective than writing 3 pages longhand as morning pages that I already do.

Plus aren't blogs supposed to be helping other people too? If it's public then it would be possible for this medium to connect with others. I don't know, I got in my head the idea of daily blogging from Seth Godin's blog. Of which are in similar format but probably with different vision in mind. Seth is a generalist marketing strategist so he's able to write a huge range of topics but under an umbrella of his marketing.

Here I'm also writing huge range of topics that gets dispersed and unfocused. But hey, if I decide on a grand theme then I can continue writing daily blog posts but in a direction that has more focus and I can leverage for other topics. Moving this to an archival site then use builderssun.com for more internet entrepreneurship type pieces?

Even in that broad theme what do I focus on? Still that comes with actually diving in and experiencing other internet entrepreneurs. There's a niche that I can help people in. After all, most of my automation clients are in that space.