Perfect Procrastination

Some say the enemy of good is perfect. This morning I found another compelling evidence for this phenomena. So because I don't know much about integrating Postgres databases to a Flask app, despite following a very basic tutorial I have to Google it. And from that I learned about a much better neater way to build Flask apps...

Oh I'm only at the beginning stage, it's not too much effort to jump ship and learn to build with this awesome new way just discovered. But then I'd get away from the goal of an MVP, getting something functional out to my first customers. That's how I should prioritise my time and really just honouring the first customers.

There's enough info out there to distract us and sure the "best" ways to go about something sure is interesting to investigate. But our time is finite. And the end result doesn't care. If we don't ship it out then we don't actually learn if it's best for us right now or not. We just need to deliver the MVP, and minimal is much more minimal than we think.

My first version won't have logins and I'll need to update or adjust any data by myself through flintstoning; basically just update manually by hand. That's enough for an MVP. It's more important that I get the core function out; serving Coda pages on a custom domain name. Everything else is a distraction of that, hinders reaching the goal.