Personal Asset

Each of us is already wealthy. After all, it's scientifically very rare to be born as a sentient being in a pretty nice and rich plant floating about through the vacuum of space around a giant ball of fire. Cool, eh? Pretty tough to embrace miracles too, since it's such commonplace.

Time to look at what we have. After all, material assets can be nice. But what's more durable is the rest of the things, especially ones without a tangible price tag. The experiences that shaped us to be this unique person today. The skills that we have honed, little noticing that not anybody can do what we do naturally. The combination of both is our personal asset, grow it well.

Another foundation, hugely important and also without objective market value is time and health. The most finite and powerful resources that we have. Time is constrained but renewed each day, being more efficient and effective leaves more of it around. Health we all came with different levels and can end up in different levels. Minus tragic circumstances, we can all be in better health.

And the funny part about the better assets mentioned is that the more we "spend" them wisely, the more we grow. Ridiculous that abundance is right here. Also by these activities that we attract others who share the same heart in this matter. Get out and grow together.