Time Flows

Time flows when we’re having fun. It also does when we’re not. It flows ever onwards. Then we’re to do with it as we can, or not. Time management is a concept but then it’s a resource that we don’t own. So to even manage that is quite a task.

I’m behind on so many things right now. I could have allowed for more slack time, but then we don’t ever know what each day brings. Sometimes that makes scheduling look ridiculous. But it’s also my ineptitude to create a schedule that fits and work with what’s available here.

My environment is different completely. Two weeks back I was a stay at home internet entrepreneur. Today I don’t even know what to call anymore. But it’s interesting. And the internet part is still around of course. There’s obligations to fulfil there. I’d love to get all of those done. Let’s see if I can push for it in this weekend. Would be audacious, but possible.

2 weeks planning for 2 hour work sort of thing. That would require much more time to carve out. Present time versus future time. But then if we look into that as investment. We can also earn dividends down the line.