Time to Move

For those following my standups, I’ve been mentioning something about moving to Phuket. After all, I’ve been coming and going for the past few weeks. And this time round Phuket has been a wonderful change of perspective.

First I’ve been coming to Phuket in recent times only on the touristic side of the island. I didn’t even know of the existence of the residential scene that’s very international and to this day in the deep decline still alive. More alive than Bangkok even.

It would mean being in a major cosmopolitan destination in the world. Having casual encounters with some of the very interesting people in the world. It’s here we find billionaire retirees, and also the next software mogul. All excellent stuff isn’t it?

The quality of life is also amazing. Food is great. Fresh and well prepared, more than most places I can think of around the world. In the residential zone, the pricing isn’t so bad. Access to so much world class recreation and wellness activities and facilities.

I’m sure there’s a more software side to it as well. But first things first, take care of my priorities and be prepared. I’m probably not staying full time and will be commuting back and forth to Bangkok. Get my obligations in order. And see where this brings.