Unseen Angles

Many times that we try to solve problems. Though we think we know what the desired outcome should look like, it’s the messy middle that trips us up big time. So what do we do about that? A lot of the time recently I get much better results doing nothing.

So how can this be? Is it just offloading processing to background tasks that I chew on during sleep? Something like this doesn’t sound far fetched at all. After something like this is happening, could it be that the too active conscious mind cannot chew from big problems? Since focus is focused, it narrow down the field of view that it works with.

The bigger consciousness and beyond is much more encompassing than that. So what do we do with this experiences? To know there’s limits to just how we work on problems. Some problems can be solved much better on walks.

For all kinds it might be most beneficial to gather as much information as possible from all the perspectives that we can reach. So that even through the subconscious can have information to work on. Since focused vision is about seen, and one or a handful of interpretations. We’ll have some interesting results if we allow openness in how we work.