What I’ve Learned: Custom URLs for Coda

So this week I’ve shut down my “Custom URLs for Coda” MicroSaaS idea. A fun little experiment that got me to experience what it means to be an indie maker. Got the blood pumping a bit, you know.

  • I validated demand by getting a preorder within 24 hours. I didn’t get many preorders and I didn’t promote. Figuring that if I can actually get it built and shipped to the preorders, then it would be better to promote more. Next time I’m continuing this route.
  • MicroSaaS as a product. Minus sweat equity of building it (actually not really more than a client project of the same size that can be sold once), the MicroSaaS would have break-even the server cost with just 1 customer. AND for the customer the cost would be cheaper than hiring me to build it.
  • Don’t buy a domain name. Domain registrars are probably shaking their heads at this for having an idea and not registering a domain name. This is something of a stark difference from my previous projects where getting a cool domain name was a bigger priority than finding demand for the idea. In the end this saved me some costs.