Wonderfully Stretched

Since taking on the Phuket Project(s) I've been under a massive torrent of work and pressure. Awesome! At times, very exhausting. It's been a long time since I'm in the middle of something like this. Also a long time that I haven't put myself in the middle of something big. It's just so alive, there's joy in that, great joy.

Jumped into the water, I'm out of my depth. I don't see an exit. I don't even see a clear path now. This is totally outside my comfort zone of operation. Yet because of this, I'm again stretched in every possible direction. Especially marketing and strategy, sure. But it's also the long game of personal connections. Just getting together with people who are awesome and have thoughtful conversations together.

Personal fame and fortune might be byproducts of ventures like this. But really for me it's more towards self-actualisation. As I said, I'm reminded how alive I am when in the middle of all of this. I enjoy running and working with small projects, they're very nice. But doing something huge and at least a little bit ridiculous I'm massively alive. I forgot I even have such a drive in me, though I'm personally surrounded by ruins from previous adventures.

Will this time be different? I cannot know really. I just know that not pursuing this is not doing a service to anyone. There's people out there that I can serve. That I serve myself doing this. The journey is the destination. I'm packed for this trip.