Working with Foci

In our lives we'll come across some very contradictory directions on our path. For example, choosing "freedom" vs "glory" or even "time" vs "money". This is actually a trick question as it doesn't ever have to be one or the other. Things tend to operate in spectrums. Even more, the time when you see that as a fork or a pick-one choice then that's the time to go slowly.

How slow? Slow enough through it all that we can find the third choice. What is the third choice? The one that doesn't lose either. Not sacrificing time for money, or freedom for glory. We might not always get to that point but it's important to slow down and stop. Investigate what's actually going on. Because the dualistic choices are too easy. That's why we do what we do.

Let the foci rub together to form our focus. The space between is where magic happens. You might not believe it now, but there's actually people who've gone through and come out the other side. Transformed. Changed. The human tendency to pigeonhole into one focus can be powerful, and too much at many times.

A company of one doesn't even have to be about any one person. That's why it's called company of one. Working for other people is still working for myself. Making money is making time.