Writing Themes

Back again at this topic. I found some more blogs that are amazingly niche. Like those serving juicy Google Sheets posts, from detailed to concise usage. Still have to remember sometimes that there's an industry out there for any basic tool. Yes even a free tool like Google Sheets. Or a tiny function like bullet pointing. Drafting canvases. There're whole words out there.

Since I haven't found a thing to dig in again, these morning blogs range from the many topics. Most weeks they don't form a coherent theme. But that might change if I find something that I actually want to dig in. Maybe that's going to be super cool. Like actually sharing how I'm working with MicroSaaS ideas.

Yes, sharing how been low. If been dumping many words into the ether of the internet but it hasn't been the closest to my heart. I guess the daily standup is even more raw. Which is weird to come out in my own personal blog. I'll be moving this blog in some months to more affordable hosts than Ghost Pro and that's going to be a good time for me to decide on solutions on what serves my writing.

But a more important decision is on what am I serving. Just more public journaling? Can I provide more value than that?