You Have to Say Something

In this world where communication channels is more widespread than ever there's more people who let their heart be unspoken. There's those that unconsciously chose to remain unspoken. Taken that choice, they are not invisible to the external world.

For those whose livelihood isn't affected or they found their spot in life offline then of course that's not bad. I know many extremely successful people who just have zero online presence. Heck, they barely have offline presence either, yet they accomplished great things too.

But then the question becomes, are we staying silent due to being stuck in psychological conditioning? After all, what harm is there? In this blog I've said so many stupid things already. This is my practice, to be ready to come out in the open. To think in public. And lessen this conditioning bit by bit.

I don't know if I have built a foundation yet. After all it's only been a month of blogging and doing standups in some communities day by day. I'm more open to sharing what I'm working on. That I'm making a tonne of mistakes. This gets me away from perfect, the enemy of good.

Out of the many projects I'm involved in, nothing is established just yet. Many things under construction. Just putting this out here. I don't have anything figured out. That's why I'm sharing. So we can be in this together.